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World-class health training from Jeremy Ayres designed to literally increase the light and voltage in your cells to prepare you for what is coming: physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Over 33 video diaries over 90 days from Jeremy and Mark as they take this challenge with you in real time.

contains very British humour to chivvy you along!

12 x 90 minute Q and A videos with Jeremy and original members of the live course which answer 100s of questions and keep you on track

A “Maximise the Light PROTOCOL” PDF containing 30+ years of research from Jeremy containing loads of supporting research and educational material to support the programme Jeremey suggests you follow. This document will change your life.

“Maximise the Light in Your Cosmic Suit” started as a personal challenge from World-renowed natural healer Jeremy Ayres to his friend Mark Attwood: over 700 people joined in the challenge between January and April 2022 – it was all recorded and is available to join anytime in an online Members Area.

Meet Jeremy & Mark


Jeremy Ayres

Naturopractic Consultant – Investigative Researcher – Broadcaster – Author

International Natural Health Educator Jeremy Ayres DO (Osteopathy), NC (Naturopractic Consultant (a combination of the best of Chiropractics, Osteopathy & Naturopathy founded by Dr Jeremy), SBRCP ( Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine), awarded to him for his outstanding work.


In the UK, DO’s, his first training and qualification into the healing arts, are simply know by their name and an Osteopath. In North America, and many other Countries he is recognized as Dr Jeremy by professionals and clients alike and especially for his extensive knowledge and track record in helping people heal and become pain free.


For more than 31 years, he has helped many 1000’s around the world, often from so called in-cure-able dis-ease – to become vibrantly well and pain free.

However, since the Covid-19 crisis, and the intense restrictions attempting to silence non-MD’s or the like, he is now known, just by his name, and as a Naturopractic Consultant, Investigative Researcher, Broadcaster & Author, into the truths of what has made man unwell, and how to restore health, and that means ALL causes, including societal and environmental. This move allows him to speak freely and completely while continuing his work.


In his teens and early 20’s, he represented Great Britain in marathon and sprint canoeing as a junior, and was national champion on several occasions. Internationally, he achieved second in Europe in marathon racing before retiring at 22 from a back injury.


This is the beginning of his blessing in dis-guise beliefs, as his injury led him to Osteopathic treatment, which resulted in an instant resolve that this is what he was supposed to do with his life. He began his training at The British School of Osteopathy in 1990 before moving to the Northern Counties School of Osteopathy to train under the nationally esteemed osteopath, Harry Hawes.


Harry was a healing genius who understood the classical philosophies and techniques and became Jeremy’s first mentor, recognising in him a natural talent. Graduating in 1994, Jeremy then studied naturopathy under the naturopathic genius, Barbara Wren of The College of Natural Nutrition in Devon, where he moved to be mentored by Barbara, learning and gaining valuable insight into taking case histories and seeing dis-ease in all its manifestations and levels.


He also lectured in anatomy and physiology at The College of Natural Nutrition for two years. His abilities and proven methods were also recognised and awarded by The British Register of Complimentary Practitioners (now the International) for his work, and given the BRCPS title of Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine in 2013.


Jeremy has spent his entire career researching the causes and remedies for man’s modern dis-eases, and is now internationally recognised as an expert in all aspects of cause and remedy.


His testimonials give insight into his successes, and he has been a sought after guest for many years on numerous podcasts, radio and other broadcasting formats.


He has lived and worked in many countries and been privileged to gain deeper insight into tribal and ancestral traditions and ways. His knowledge has allowed him to help heal his wife, Natalie, who was terminally ill when they met nine years ago and who had endured all the horrific rigours that modern oncology can offer. She has remained his support and advocate, inspiring many of the clients she has seen to become well, also.


His life goal has been to bring the knowledge and wisdom of our elders, especially the Eastern and traditional ways with the Western, scientific proofs and collaborations, to bring a cohesive philosophy of healing back to a very sick world.

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Mark Attwood

Host: The Mark Attwood Show: Adventures in a Cosmic Suit – World-renowend teacher of digital marketing and entrepreneurship – Poet –  Author – Keynote speaker – Father of five

Mark’s had a rich and varied career. As a young man he trained as a pilot in the RAF. He left after being disillusioned when the deaths of his fellow servicemen were covered up and he realised the government was lying to the people.


Mark went on to have successes in various fields after that. He wrote, produced, directed and performed in theatre, stand-up comedy and made appearances on television. He went on to pioneer online businesses that went on to turnover many millions in revenue.


From those experiences he learned a lot about how to connect with people, how to identify and convert ideas and opportunities into action and income – and he learned the best ways to utilise the internet to work for us in doing so.

Since then, he’s taught many other people how to succeed using online tools and techniques to free themselves from the ‘rat race’, and live lives more aligned with their true nature and desires.


At this time, when so many people feel trapped, threatened and could potentially be harmed by the jobs they currently have– Mark’s developed a pathway to help people free themselves and secure their wellbeing. With financial stress so closely tied to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing; the need to gain knowledge, skills and a sense of community has never been greater.


Mark is a champion for the human spirit and Sovereignty. He believes everyone has something of value to offer, and he’s committed to helping as many people as possible discover their true potential and free themselves from the tyranny of the current systems.

A 90 Day Mission to literally increase the light in your cosmic suit, the voltage and energy in your body, and prepare you for the mission ahead both physically and spiritually.


We can’t guarantee results because we have ZERO control over whether you follow the advice and information offered – all results vary from person to person.


What we do guarantee is that if you decide to join us on this mission and are unsatisfied for ANY reason, we will refund you 100% of any monies you have paid to join us!




My journey started slowly in late December when I cut out coffee and began getting my ass outside for sunlight and fresh air at least an hour a day despite the cold weather in Ottawa, Canada. Then I saw the video with Mark and Jeremy announcing this amazing course. I started on January 2nd with adding the removal of carbs and alcohol. I fell off the wagon a few times, wine is my biggest down fall. BUT I always got back on track. I have been full carnivore now for 10 days. I still have not started the boron or iodine and will do so next week and will also be doing the liver flush with the new moon. 


 Here are all the benefits I am experiencing so far on my journey;


  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased pain in my hips and lower back
  • More energy and enthusiasm when I teach my fitness and yoga classes
  • Saving loads of money from not buying wine and all organic vegetables – All is buy now is organic meat and eggs
  • Lost 9 lbs (actually really can’t afford to lose anymore) and so happy to fit in my sexy jeans again
  • Improved sex life – feeling better about myself makes me want to be intimate
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE being part of this group – I feel less crazy and very supported by all. Even made new friends!
  • My clients, friends and family have mentioned that I am glowing and seem more bubbly
  • Regular, good  bowel movements (I was often constipated)
  • Less depressed and less anxiety
  • My skin is glowing and my eyes are bright
  • My eczema is a LOT better
  • Read the Red Pill revolution book and it helps me with not being so angry with the world we live in. Playing the game my way!
  • Less cravings and feel full longer
  • Learning so many new things from Jeremy
  • I am 51 years old, I always looked younger than my age but was told by a client that I look like I am in my 40’s the last few days
  • Feeling a bit more confident and hopeful
  • My meditation practice is a lot deeper 
  • Feeling less intimated by others when I share my beliefs and explain this new lifestyle. I reply is “look at me” do I look like I am lacking nutrients or sick to you????
  • So there are my benefits so far. I didn’t go into the days that were difficult, the moods swings and all that stuff that is part of this “detox” but I will take the side effects of detox now to feel this amazing forever.

Thank you to all of you for all you do.


Lesley Delvin

I have been following the amazing, and very knowledgeable Mark Attwood on his Facebook page, Maximise the Light in your Cosmic Suit, and his other platforms for a couple of years now.

I have watched the majority of his YouTube videos and was very interested in a particular one with Dr. Jeremy Ayers. During the interview I was blown away with their knowledge and wanted to learn more with regards to a dietary challenge they were embarking on.

I have had autoimmune issues for over 20yrs now and have been trying to ween myself off the medication for a the last 10 years. I am very interested in the human body and believe it is far more capable of doing more than what we think, including being able to heal itself with the right food.

With this I have researched and tested most diets, in order to get the best out of my body as I have also take part in most major marathons. I spent the last 11 years on a vegan diet. How wrong was I. My health was deteriorating, I believe I became insulin resistant, along with a number of other symptoms. That is until I heard Mark and Jeremy were to challenge each other on a Carnivore diet. I was intrigued.

The challenge was then opened up to the public and I thought what have I got to lose.

It was difficult at first as it felt so alien eating completely the opposite diet to what I was used to. But with Jeremys support, knowledge, kindness, compassion and devotion to his clients, my life has been transformed. I was so impressed with him that I wanted to learn more and booked a one to one session with him.

I was so blessed to be able to share my story with him. He was attentive, caring and very professional, giving me the confidence to trust that I had made the right decision to follow his protocol and personally tailored report he had prepared for me after. I am so looking forward to my continued journey and healing with him as I trust him implicitly, and  have vowed I would never walk into a doctor’s surgery again. After all, I believe they are just legalised drug pushers for an industry intent on making money and keeping us sick.

If you want to find your true health and healing potential then I highly recommend you contact Dr Jeremy Ayers and begin your own life changing journey with him. I am now thriving on a full carnivore diet. I am off all medication, and my body is finally being allowed to heal on its own, as is meant to be.

I can’t thank Jeremy enough for his time and belief in me.

Don’t be offended if once you are healed he doesn’t see you again, because unlike doctors and big pharma, that is what a true healer does. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed, as everything is planned and meant to be.


Margaret Hurley

I started the 90 day challenge on 1/7  I felt that my autoimmune issues needed  to be addressed more specifically. I had a 1 hour consultation with Jeremy 2 days ago. He was so kind and easy to talk to.He explained the causes of my dis-ease and developed a protocol to heal my body. For the first time in my adult life (after seeing more doctors that I care to remember) I feel after speaking with Jeremy, that I will get well. I am going to work with Jeremy on going and am very excited. I have been looking for him my entire adult life! A Doctor who is smart,kind ,compassionate and determined to heal his patients.  I feel very blessed. I found Jeremy through Mark ,so a big thank you to Mark . Everything happens for a reason. If you have any doubts or concerns I highly recommend a consult with Jeremy.  Thank you Jeremy for your hard work with the 90 day challenge. Changing peoples lives.


Deb Bailey

8 month long daily diarrhea stopped within one week, lower back pain disappeared. Had fat/swollen feet and ankles for decades – gone! Kidney function greatly improved, skin improved, sleep quality improved 200%, noticeable weight loss (weigh in TBC at 30/60/90 days), distressing hair loss decreased/stopped, anxiety has magically disappeared, right hip pain  diminished, left shoulder pain diminished, greatly improved tolerance to hot weather, 2 year ‘itch’ from antibiotics gone, eye sight improved, energy increased, no desire for alcohol, passion/enthusiasm has returned. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeremy, best EVER Health and Wellness person I have ever had the pleasure of being guided by.  


Rebecca Backer

Jeremy if I was there this morning I just would have told you how you have changed my life. I have been hungry all my life, on a roller coaster of up and downs   I feel I have been released from all that torture. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me


Katy D

I recover from sore musles quicker. I have no bloating. My facial skin got clearer, my sense of smell improved, my tongue looks way better. I think my cognitive skills improved a little bit. I developed a deeper relationship with my body on a regular basis. When I look at myself or my body parts I just feel love, gratitude and joy.

There is a huge change in my emotional/mental wellbeing. The course is indeed a rollercoaster. One week ago I had a 1 week period of a meltdown. So many things were coming out that I had to simplify my daily routine to the minimum, when I think about this now I feel relief and calm some of that energy got out.

Last week, on the contrary, was euphoric, joyful, and it lasted for some days in a row. But I believe I should aim at blissful balance. Neither emotional extreme is good for me.

I also noticed I got more open and vulnerable towards life and people. I am so happy and grateful that I am at this point here and now ❤️ So I definitely feel different, more connected, positive ❤️🙌

It also inspires me and motivates me to stick even more to the protocol. I chose keto, so there is still room for substraction. I now immediately feel and know what challenges my body now.

I enrolled here to improve my energy levels and got clearer about my life purpose. Now I know it can also help with my chronic back and joint pain and stiffness. I started borax only a couple of days ago, so I’m superexcited for the outcome 🙂


Alice Light

I’ve not weighed in here but feel inclined to now. Thank you for the continual reminder & virtual “permission” to raise my hand and lend my voice. I’ve been sitting at the back of the class, hesitant and shy of speaking up and out.

I got a late start for living/traveling in a van, which I do because I grew so very tired (and no.longer capable) of keeping all the plates in the air to afford the sticks & bricks existence. It took me days and days to get through the documents. I thought I couldn’t participate because I couldn’t do this Tonic or order that supporting element/supplement or whatever! But then, suddenly, I realized it was all excuses. Pure rubbish! I decided to do what I could  do and go from there. So I began..  somewhere around day 14, I think. Just started with eggs and fasting. Then added meat however/wherever I could get it. No glorious grilled steaks or anything but cold cuts, the occasional “diner” eggs & bacon, etc. Then I added the iodine that my sister ordered and got to me. Of course lots & lots of quality water. My body naturally cut out coffee which was my one remaining vice. I literally lost a taste for it after about a week.

I’ve suffered pre-diabetic symptoms (read: acute arthritis body-wide) for years (22, to be exact), from sugar, carbs, etc. that convert to acid in my system. My body was slowly decomposing. Now, I have more energy than I have in a very long time, and virtually no pain and stiffness in my joints. My skin (facial, primarily) is clearing up. My hair is growing faster, seems thicker and is shinier than it has been in years. And this is ONLY the beginning.

Thank you, good gentlemen, for initiating this wonderful journey and inviting us all in. I am so very grateful. It is true that knowledge is power. I am honored to stand with each and every one of you. God bless us.


Monique Rom

This is what I am doing. 95% carnivore with LOTS of fat. Mushrooms and avocado here and there. Onion, celery and leek to flavour broth with lots of spices and herbs too.

I use the Iodine and borax protocols, drink approx. 1.5 l of boiled water with fasting salts/snake juice a day, and if really hungry after sunset – as it’s still so early in the day and I STILL haven’t managed to get into a natural circadian rhythm – may have a small cup of broth.  

I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks but added 4.5kgs to my weight in the first 3 weeks. My skin is much better and my body shape is slowly changing too.


Venita R

Takes a bit of courage to be willing to truly support, truly love yourself enough to be healthy….to take a look at what health IS! And takes a bit of strength to look, and stop doing the harmful things. Speaking from experience.


Elaine Dendy

My head is clearer, and my heart feels happier, feeling generally a bit weak but have gone on 8 mile walks without a problem, needing to rest the following day or so. Eating eggs, bacon, cheese, pate, butter, steak, chops, chicken livers…haven’t made broth as yet. 

Recently I put my big girls knickers on and  moved away from everyone I know to Devon, starting a new life. Have met some amazing like minded peeps, love being near the sea. Really appreciate this group, hope it will continue after the 90 days. It is such a support and wealth of info. Feel so heard thank you. J, M and all



 it’s amazing how the mind changes when the body realises where the real nutrition is coming from 😅

Mickie Flynn

WTF was that? I was laughing so hard. I surely needed that. I was feeling like shit and then watched this. Thank you Jeremy and Mark for doing these diaries. I look forward to seeing the next. Love you guys.


Lauren Dolan 

It has been transformative unlearning what I thought I knew and being open to learning so much more of what I don’t know, our world needs this wisdom, it’s time to maximize the light in our cosmic suits and choose freedom as the sovereign beings we are born to be. 


Juliet S

Hi everyone, I’ve been one of those lurking in the background but wanted to say that I am on week 6 and I have never felt better. Before I started I was mainly pescatarian – with loads of veg and salad (& wine!). Changed to keto carnivore, jumped off the wagon a few times then jumped back on, still not perfectly following the protocol (coffeeeeee!) but I am no longer bloated, bowel movements have become regular (used to be prone to blockages), my stomach is now almost flat and I have so much energy! I’d like to say a massive thank you to Jeremy and Mark for this course. I’ve done quite a few courses over the past 20 years (am qualified in various different therapies and currently work with Hypnotherapy and NLP) but this really is the best one I have ever done. I can’t wait for the practitioner course 😊


Al Evo

Thanks for a great course, can’t believe it’s almost 90 days!  I feel fitter than I did in my 30s!


Dear Jeremy, Mark, Monique and all the members, I want to say the biggest thanks for this challenge. It has been life changing and a relief to be free of my food addictions. The fungal skin rash I’ve had for 40 plus years has completely cleared, the bloating has gone and I’m down 8kg. I’m a work in progress and have had some spectacular fails / bolting off the wagon since January. Thankfully I’m learning to forgive myself and pull them pants up higher, Big Love to everyone 😘


Elaine Beach

I will definitely be continuing. I want to tell you how great I feel. I feel amazing! It is a roller coaster, unlearning all the bs we’ve been taught about health and undoing all the harm that has been done to us by big pharma and the lies about nutrition. I look amazing compared to 3 months ago and I get comments all the time now, at work last week, around 5 people did a double take and said they hadn’t recognised me. I’ve lost 1 stone, but the important thing is, I’ve changed shape, I’m getting definition and I’m much stronger with 10x more energy. Plus my hair is growing like rapunzel after losing handfuls last year. 

This has change my life and I’ll never go back to how I was. Also, my husband now starting the same eating and lifestyle choices, and 13 Yr old daughter eating 10x better and on lots of the protocols, 1 step at a time. So by me healing me, my family is now starting to heal themselves as well. 

I couldn’t feel more grateful than I do to Jeremy and Mark

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